Homogenizers Pumps


Inline and batch homogenizers, dispersers, mixers

and colloid mills for the food, cosmetic, chemical and other industries.

A line of special pumps

for industrial pumping of aggressive, hot, and abrasive products that contain hard inclusions, as well as for other applications.

Industrial fittings for special applications

bottom and side valves, shaft air seals, and slide valves manufactured from stainless steel.


Our products

The Enigma line of products includes equipment for mixing, dispersing, particle reduction, homogenizing, emulsification, as well as special pumps and industrial fittings manufactured from stainless steel

A full range of services provided by a single manufacturer

Our company carries out engineering research and development and product manufacturing at its own facilities. The equipment is sold through a wide network of sales offices and partners in over 50 countries. Implementing the equipment within the customer’s production process as well as servicing is performed promptly by a partner company and in accordance with our internal quality standards.


Our wide network of service centers provides prompt and regular servicing, inspection, and cleaning of equipment to ensure uninterrupted operation at the customer’s facilities. Regular servicing, replacement of worn elements, as well as cleaning helps prevent unexpected stoppages of the production process and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

Advanced engineering

Thanks to many years of practical experience and theoretical research, our company is able to offer highly efficient solutions for manufacturing facilities in various branches of industry. Our own research center with laboratory equipment and piloting equipment available for testing on your product makes it easy to demonstrate the possibilities and advantages that the Enigma equipment can bring to your particular application.


  • The best price vs quality ratio in the market;
  • Sales offices and servicing locations in over 50 countries;
  • Extensive theoretical and hands-on experience in developing and manufacturing equipment for homogenizing, mixing, emulsifying, dispersion, and pumping of various products in all branches of industry;
  • A wide range of serial homogenizing, mixing, and pumping equipment, as well as the possibility of creating specialized solutions for the customer’s specific needs;
  • Development, manufacturing, sales, and servicing of equipment is carried out in a centralized manner, based on a common database, technical, and normative documentation;
  • High-quality execution at our own manufacturing facilities in the EU. Use of high-quality components that guarantee long service life and trouble-free operation;
  • Advanced and up-to-date engineering solutions, efficiency and functionality. The vast knowledge base built by our experts over many years of manufacturing industrial equipment, an excellent understanding of the physics of the processes performed, as well as practical experience in implementing various technological solutions guide us in choosing the best equipment for each product/process during the pre-purchase technical consulting stage;
  • Technical consulting, assistance in choosing the right solution for your product and your particular process. Tests with your products are carried out at our main research center or at our partner companies.

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