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Basic series inline homogenizers

Basic series homogenizers are offered in two versions: Mono and Sanitary


    • Mechanical grinding and crushing
    • Multi-level shear cutting
    • Geometric acceleration of linear speed
    • Alteration of pulsating voltage
    • Cavitation
    • Ultrasound


    The Enigma Basic series of inline homogenizers present solutions for a large number of basic tasks requiring high-quality mixing, dispersion, and homogenizing.

    The Enigma Basic series inline homogenizers have the lowest price in the line, but they also have a limited set of options and the models vary within the range of 0.75–3 kW.

    Ideal for producing:


    • sauces
    • emulsions
    • reconstituted juices
    • poppy soy
    • and other vegetable milks, ointments, gels, lotions, etc

    The size of particles in the raw materials should not exceed 2–10 mm (depending on the type of product and the power of the homogenizer).


    The homogenizers in this series are equipped with a multi-level rotor/stator type operating unit. When the product goes through the multi-level rotor/stator, it is subjected to the effect of linear speed that increases at every next level in geometric progression. The high linear speed and multiple mechanical reduction with the rotor teeth, ensures obtaining stable emulsions, suspensions, solutions and other mixes with a particle size from 2μ *(depending on the power of the homogenizer, the type of the product, the number of laps of the product passing through the circulation loop).

    The pumping function of the Enigma Booster series homogenizers is quite weak, so if the product viscosity exceeds 200 cP, a delivery pump must be used. The output of the delivery pump should be synchronized with the homogenizer to prevent cavitation from occurring.

    The shear energy in this particular type of homogenizer is weaker than in Ultra series models. Reduction of particles occurs as the result of a combined effect of grinding/crushing with a mechanical operating unit, high linear speed with tangent vector, alteration of pulsating voltage, cavitation and ultrasound. The product is subjected to intense angular spread (the so-called “hand fan effect”), during which the same volume of the product, while remaining the same in terms of height, is spread out: it is scattered radially, which causes cavitation and breaking of intermolecular bonds.


    • Low purchase price
    • Universal application
    • High efficiency for various products
    • High level of mixing and homogenization already after just one processing cycle
    • Protection from dry running
    • Easy maintenance


    • Various rotor/stator designs
    • Heating/cooling jacket
    • Can be equipped with a funnel or a tank for product recirculation
    • Sanitary design



    Basic series homogenizers are offered in two versions: Mono and Sanitary


    This version includes an electric motor, a homogenizing unit, and a seal (in the basic version this is a single end seal that is cooled down by the product).



    • the homogenizer is ready to work, there is no need for additional connections or devices to begin operation;
    • easy assembly;
    • compact design;
    • low cost of installation – only an electric cable needs to be connected.


    This version can be added to the versions Mono. An additional hygienic casing ensures fast cleaning, protects from splashes, and adds an aesthetically pleasing appearance, as well as ensuring compliance with GMP standards.

    The Basic series inline homogenizers represent a universal solution. They can be easily integrated into existing production lines, allowing you to significantly increase the quality and intensity of the processes you are carrying out. To increase the intensity of the inline mixing and homogenization process, the Enigma Basic homogenizers can operate with a recirculation tank; the required level of product homogenization is achieved after just a few recirculation cycles.

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