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Booster series multi chamber inline high shear dispersing mixers and homogenizers


    • Mixing
    • Preliminary particle reduction
    • Mechanical grinding and crushing
    • Multilevel shear cutting




    The Booster multi-chamber inline dispersing mixers and homogenizers are mainly used in systems of universal homogenizing modules for producing multi-component products with high flexibility for the recipe and technological process.

    The Booster series in-line high shear dispersing mixers and homogenizers are designed for high-quality crushing, dispersion, and mixing of a product in flow. They are ideal for processing thick and viscous products (sauces, chocolate creams, margarine emulsions, etc.)

    Thanks to the strong pumping function, the installation of an additional delivery pump is in most cases not necessary.

    The Booster series high shear dispersing mixers and homogenizers have a multi-chamber design. While passing through the operating area, the product is variously affected by the operating parts, which allows you to achieve an exceptional level of mixing, particle reduction, and dispersion in just one cycle.

    Principles of operation


    With the aid of specially-shaped blades, during intensive mixing the product is sucked into the working chamber. Next, the pre-mix is passed further into the second operating area: here the product is cut with the rotor teeth. At this stage the preliminary reduction of large particles takes place, if the initial product contains such particles. In the last stage, the preliminarily crushed product passes into the area where the multilevel rotor/stator type homogenizer operates, and here final reduction, dispersion, and homogenization of the product is performed with the use of ultra shear.

    The main feature that differentiates these mixers from the Ultra series inline homogenizers is the possibility to divide each process into its separate stage and perform each, ensuring high quality for product processing.

    The Booster series multi-chamber high shear dispersing mixers and homogenizers feature excellent pumping functions of the axis pump, they enable collecting the product at an interim stage (for example, before homogenizing), which makes them a universal solution for processing different products with varying requirements for particle size.

    The basic version of this type of homogenizer includes one input and one output. Optionally, an additional product output can be installed before the rotor/stator section, as well as up to 3 additional outputs for different technological processes (e.g. re-pumping, recirculation, and pasteurization). Up to 3 additional inputs into the area of the axis pump can be installed in the product supply area.

    Unlike in the case of the Basic and Enigma models, when the product passes through the operating area of the Booster series dispersing homogenizer, it is not subjected to radial scattering and is not particularly subjected to cavitation or ultrasound. The reduction of particles is performed in a mechanical way, by preliminary cutting with the rotor teeth and final reduction when passing through the multistage rotor/stator. The dispersing mixers within this series are designed for particle reduction, dispersion and homogenization of products, the minimum size of particles in which is 20-100 μ* (depending on the type of the product, the power of the dispersing homogenizer, and the number of processing cycles).

    The Booster series in-line high shear dispersing mixers and homogenizers are ideal for processing products for which the technological process requires keeping particles at a certain size and not allowing them to be completely reduced, e.g. in extraction processes.


    • Suitable for a wide range of products with both high and low viscosity, with particles in the initial product up to 10 mm*, depending on the power consumption of the homogenizer.
    • Self-sucking design; no delivery pump needed.
    • Reliable construction, use of high-quality materials and components. Entirely produced in the EU.
    • Possibility of choosing the ideal high shear dispersing mixer and homogenizer for any application.
    • The lack of cavitation and ultrasound grinding allows you to keep the size of the particles at the level necessary for your technological process, not allowing complete dissolution of the product.
    • The multilevel operating unit ensures excellent mixing, cutting, grinding, and dispersion already after a single processing cycle.
    • High efficiency in product processing. The customer’s expenses immediately decrease after implementing the inline dispersing mixer and homogenizer into the production line.


    • Horizontal or vertical version
    • Any material in contact with the product
    • Heating/cooling jacket
    • Can be equipped with a funnel or a tank for product recirculation
    • Variable diameters for input/output enable improving the function of pumping or of the cavitation effect
    • Double end seal
    • Increased rotor speed
    • Different rotor/stator designs
    • ATEX compliant version

    The Booster series inline high shear dispersing mixers and homogenizer are offered in four versions: Solo, Mono, Complete, and Sanitary


    This version includes a homogenizing unit, a seal, a bearing unit, and fastenings (grips). Connecting it to a motor is necessary.



    • low cost;
    • possibility of selecting the motor yourself (for example, in the case of explosive areas);
    • you can select the necessary revolution speed by fitting power transmission wheels (pulleys);
    • allows you to use any other motor in place of the engine (such as a diesel engine), and thus it can work autonomously, without electricity;
    • easy integration.


    This version includes an electric motor, a homogenizing unit, and a seal (in the basic version this is a single end seal that is cooled down by the product).



    • the homogenizer is ready to work, there is no need for additional connections or devices to begin operation;
    • easy assembly;
    • compact design;
    • low cost of installation – only an electric cable needs to be connected.


    This version includes an electric engine, a homogenizing unit, a seal, a bearing unit, a frame, a belt, a pair of pulleys, and fastenings (grips).



      • possibility of building your own custom-design homogenizers;
      • depending on the type of product (viscosity, thickness), a more powerful motor can be installed;

    you can install a special type of engine and select the revolution speed of homogenizer by fitting

    • necessary power transmission wheels (pulleys).



    This version can be added to the versions Solo, Mono, and Complete. An additional hygienic casing ensures fast cleaning, protects from splashes, and adds an aesthetically pleasing appearance, as well as ensuring compliance with GMP standards.

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