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Enigma PHP series peristaltic (hose) pumps


    Enigma PHP series peristaltic (hose) pumps are designed for pumping a wide range of liquid and viscous products in the food industry as well as other industries.

    Enigma PHP series pumps are a type of large-volume single-unit pumps, self-sucking, that provide high delivery pressure and high precision when used in dosing systems.

    • Industrial metering and transfer
    • Does not damage the structure of the product, can work with large inclusions and abrasive particles
    • Easy operation and maintenance

    Principles of operation


    The product is contained within a flexible tube fitted inside a circular pump casing. A rotor with two or more rollers compresses the flexible tube in places of contact and as the rotor turns, the movement of the product from the sucking area to the delivery area is ensured. After contact with the rollers, the tube returns to its initial shape due to its flexibility and it sucks in a new portion of the product with the help of a vacuum.

    The rollers can be adjusted radially to enable selecting the optimal pressure for every type of flexible tube.

    Optionally, the operating chamber can be filled with silicone oil for maximum reduction of friction of the roller and the tube, which significantly increases the wear resistance of the tube and increases its long-life performance.

    Advantages of Enigma PHP peristaltic pumps


    • Can pump products that contain large particles without damaging them, products containing fibrous inclusions, abrasive particles, as well as products that should not be subjected to mechanical impact during the pumping process.
    • Possibility of pumping explosive products.
    • Lack of metal-to-metal contact, and no contact of the product with the pump. The product has no impact on the pump and the pump has no impact on the product. No lubrication in the pump casing, no valves or sealing.
    • Possibility of dry running in the event that the product is supplied unevenly.
    • No contact of the product with the air, no foaming, aeration, or oxidation.
    • High supply pressure
    • High dosing precision and evenness of product supply when applying the pump in dosing systems.
    • Possibility of reverse running.
    • Easy maintenance and repair, exchanging the hose takes just a few minutes. Easy to clean.


    Example applications


    Thick, easily caramelized products in the food industry such as chocolate and glazes, fruit and berry fillings, jams, syrups, molasses, and condensed milk.

    Chemically active and abrasive products in the chemical and construction industry that contain hard inclusions up to 10% of the pump tube diameter in size, such as acids, bases, concrete and construction mixes, resin, glycerin, etc.

    The maximum content of hard particles in the product depends on its viscosity and thickness.

    Depending on the application, the elastic tubes are made from Bioprene, Marprene, Silicone,  Neoprene, Viton, Sta-Pure, Chem-Sure, or Pumpsil-D.


    • Tubes from various materials
    • Frequency converter for output adjustment.
    • Filling the operating chamber with oil to reduce friction.



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