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Enigma PP series piston pumps


    Enigma PP series piston pumps are an optimal solution for pumping a wide range of viscous, slow-flowing and abrasive products in the food industry and other types of industry.

    The main distinctive feature of the PP series piston pump in comparison with its analog pumps is a specially constructed valve, which enables pumping the product without any narrowing of the nominal diameter. A product containing large inclusions is pumped without damaging those inclusions and with the minimal possible pulsation.

    Ideal for pumping:


    • concentrated tomato paste
    • vegetable and fruit purees, jams, marmalade, etc., even with large-sized inclusions
    • honey, including honey that is not completely liquefied
    • soups
    • and similar products in the food industry and other types of industry.

    Reliability. Enigma PP pumps are made from AISI304 or AISI316L stainless steel for the food industry and use high-precision additional materials.

    Special features of the design. Compared to other pumps used for pumping viscous and abrasive products, the operating devices of the Enigma PP piston pumps have the least contact with the product for a unit of pumped volume. This enables maximum reduction of wear on the materials that come in contact with abrasive products.

    Minimum maintenance costs. The only consumables you have to change are the seals, which are widely available and low-cost.

    The wide range of Enigma PP pump models allows you to choose a pump for every volume of output. The possibility of creating high pressure enables pumping the product over long distances, up to a great height, as well as successfully pumping products through filters, including ultra-fine filters.

    Enigma PP piston pumps are available in vertical and horizontal versions, with electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic drive (they can be supplied with their own compact hydraulic station).

    Advantages of Enigma PP series piston pumps

    • High productivity and high pressure
    • Reliability
    • Low maintenance cost
    • High wear-resistance when working with highly abrasive products
    • Can pump products with large-sized inclusions without damaging them
    • Possibility of setting any volume of output
    • Minimum possible pulsation


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